What to bring when your dog visits Smooch my Pooch:

Leash: For the safety of everyone, all dogs are required to enter and exit the facility on-leash or be carried by his/her owner.  Remember, your dog may be friendly, but we may have other dogs in the lobby that have not been assessed yet.

Vaccines: All dogs that attend Smooch my Pooch must be at least 16 weeks old and remain current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccines.  The Rabies vaccine is required on all dogs by law and dogs will not be admitted to Smooch my Pooch if their Rabies vaccine is expired even by just one day.  While the law does not require the Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccines, Smooch my Pooch requires that any dog attending our facility is current on these vaccines and we reserve the right to deny admission to any dog if these vaccines are not current.  Please be aware that the Bordetella vaccine takes several days to be effective, so we recommend that dogs receive their vaccines at least 48 hours before attending Smooch my Pooch.  Also note that some dogs can exhibit symptoms of Canine Cough or Bordetella from receiving the vaccine.

It is your responsibility to bring your dog’s vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian at enrollment and each time your dog’s vaccines are renewed.  Vaccines that are not administered by a veterinarian can not be accepted because we can not confirm the proper dosage, storage, and administration of those vaccines.  For privacy reasons, most veterinarians in the area will not provide vaccines directly to Smooch my Pooch unless the client is making the request.  Therefore, you will need to be responsible for ensuring that we receive current vaccine records for your dog.  If you are unsure if we have your dog’s current vaccine records on file, you can either email or call us. 

Medications: If your dog is taking any medications, be sure to bring them in the original bottle.  This is a state requirement and it ensures that we can provide accurate information to a veterinarian in the event of an emergency.  It is helpful if you can provide clear written instructions for administering your dog’s medications.  Smooch my Pooch does charge an additional fee for administering medications.

Required items to bring:

Food:  We require that you bring your dog’s own food when boarding.    Continuing on their own food helps them avoid digestion issues that can result from switching food.  If you do bring your dog’s food, please be sure to bring it in a resealable container such as ziplock bags or plastic containers with lids.  It is helpful to our staff if the food is premeasured into small bags, but this is not required.  We recommend bringing some extra food just in case your travel plans change.  You may also want to consider increasing the amount of food that your dog typically eats due to the increased activity level. 

If you do not bring your dog’s own food, we provide a dry “house” food that your dog can eat for $2.00/day.  Our house food is Nutrisource Chicken and Rice.  This is a high quality, easily digestible food that contains 24% protein, probiotics to aid with digestion, flaxseed for Omega 3’s and 6’s for skin and coat and Vitamin C & E for natural preservatives.  If your dog runs out of food, we will feed them our house food unless other arrangements are made.

Optional items to bring:

Bedding: We provide cots for the dogs that are boarding with us so it is not necessary to bring bedding.  However, you may bring bedding for your dog if you are confident that it will not pose a choking hazard for your dog.  Remember, your dog may act differently when away from home and may chew their bedding while away from home.  

Toys:  Feel free to bring two or three toys if you think it will make your dog more comfortable. 

Items you do not need to bring:

Bowls:  We have plenty of bowls, so it is not necessary to bring a bowl for your dog. 

Breakable Items:  Please do not bring glass or breakable items.

Rawhide Chews:  We do not allow the dogs to keep rawhide chews because of the potential choking hazard.

Smooch my Pooch does our best to keep close track of everyone’s belongings, but mix ups and other accidents can occur.  So, if you do decide to bring belongings for your dog, make sure that it is not something valuable and be aware that you are bringing them at your own risk.  Smooch my Pooch will not replace lost or damaged bedding toys or other belongings.

Lunches:  Dogs that are with us just for daycare are not fed unless you direct us to feed them, in which case you should bring your dog’s lunch in a ziplock bag or other sealed container labeled with their name. We’ll remove your dog from the playgroup for about 1 hour around lunchtime in order to give him some time to eat and digest before going back to play. 

Risks:  While we strive to achieve a safe environment for all dogs at Smooch my Pooch, we cannot prevent accidents, injuries, illnesses or changes in behavior.  By bringing your dog to Smooch my Pooch, you accept these risks and you release Smooch my Pooch and its staff from all liability arising from the occurrence of such events.

**Just as when you send a child to school, dogs can get colds, coughs, stomach bugs and other contagious diseases. Just as your child’s school does not pay for doctor’s visits when your child is injured or becomes sick, Smooch my Pooch does not pay for vet bills if your dog becomes sick or is injured while with us.

Canine Cough: Canine Cough, or Bordetella is the name for many different strains of upper respiratory diseases that cause a dog to cough or make a hacking or choking sound.  It is usually not very serious and will pass in a few days.  However, if your dog does begin coughing, we do recommend that they see a veterinarian to ensure that they receive proper treatment because the coughing can lead to more serious issues if left untreated.  (Most veterinarians prefer if you call ahead so they can give you instructions on how to enter their building in order to avoid spreading the cough.)

If your dog is coughing, do not bring them to Smooch my Pooch until your vet has cleared them to be around other dogs (typically a week or so after their symptoms have subsided.)  

Smooch my Pooch does require the Bordetella vaccine EVERY SIX MONTHS for all dogs that visit us.  But, the vaccine, like a flu vaccine for people, does not prevent all strains of potential upper respiratory issues. 


Accidents and Injuries:  Just as a school or sports team can not prevent injuries for children who attend school or play sports, Smooch my Pooch can not prevent injuries and accidents 100%.  While accidents and injuries can occur at any time, there is a greater risk of an accident or injury if a dog participates in group play. Our group play is well staffed and our playroom supervisors receive training beyond industry standards, but they are working with live animals that can be unpredictable. Dogs can sometimes receive puncture wounds or cuts, scratches, broken nails, sore paw pads, sprains or other injuries in group play.  You need to be sure that you are comfortable with this prior to choosing group play for your dog. 

Also, it is important to check over your dog after they have participated in group play, grooming or otherwise attended Smooch my Pooch.  While our staff checks over all dogs at least daily, punctures and cuts can sometimes be missed and can sometimes happen without our staff’s awareness.  Even a small cut or puncture can become infected or cause more serious issues if not cleaned and properly cared for.  So it is your responsibility to closely check your dog for any injuries and to ensure that they receive the proper care.

Bloat: Canine Bloat (gastric dilatation-volvulus) is the rapid swelling of a dog’s stomach, which becomes filled with excess gas, fluid or food and enlarges and twists the esophagus and intestines shut.  Bloat is an unpredictable, life-threatening emergency that has no known cause and the symptoms can be very hard to recognize.  While bloat is most common in larger breeds, it can occur in any dog at any time and without warning.  It is possible for a dog to die from bloat in a short amount of time, sometimes even before any symptoms are noticed.  

If our staff is concerned that your dog has bloat, we will take them for emergency treatment immediately.  We will contact you or your emergency contact if possible, but a decision may need to be made quickly. Surgeries relating to bloat can be expensive and may not be successful.  If you would prefer for your dog not to have surgery in the event they are affected by bloat, you may document that in writing with a signature for your dog’s file.  Otherwise, Smooch my Pooch will seek all available treatment possible in consultation with the veterinarian and you will be responsible for any expenses.  (See the section titled Emergencies.)

Behavioral Issues: Smooch my Pooch is not responsible for any behavior issues or perceived behavioral issues that may result from your dog socializing with other dogs or otherwise attending Smooch my Pooch.

Remember, if you are not comfortable with the increased risks associated with group play, you may always select our Private Playtime option for your dog.

Allergies: If your dog has allergies of any type, it is your responsibility to ensure that the staff at Smooch my Pooch is aware of these allergies and the protocols to follow in the event of a reaction.  If your dog has any food allergies, it is important to bring your dog’s own food in the event we switch our house brand of food. 

Health Conditions: All dogs attending Smooch my Pooch must be in overall good health and dogs in group play must be fit to play in an active environment.  Dogs that have casts, stitches or medical devices are typically not good candidates for group play as the other dogs will be drawn to and chew on these items.  Dogs that have hearing conditions can often be successful in group play, but dogs with vision impairments are generally not comfortable in a group of dogs.  If your dog has hip or joint conditions, or other physical conditions, please discuss them with your veterinarian before your dog participates in group play or otherwise attends Smooch my Pooch.

Please let us know if your dog has any health issues.  We are able to care for many dogs with special health needs, such as special feeding, more frequent bathroom breaks, or mobility issues.  There may be an additional fee required.  So, if your dog needs special care, be sure to discuss this with one of our managers prior to your dog’s arrival so that we can determine if we will be able to provide the care your dog needs. 

Other Requirements to Attend Smooch my Pooch:  Dogs must have been owned by their owners for at least ten days and may not have had any communicable disease within the thirty days prior to attending Smooch my Pooch unless cleared by a veterinarian.  Please keep the safety of others in mind.  If your dog has had or been exposed to a communicable disease, do not bring them to Smooch my Pooch until cleared by your veterinarian.  Smooch my Pooch may require a written release from your veterinarian prior to your dog attending one of our facilities.  We typically recommend that you have owned your dog for at least 30 days before they participate in group play.  This allows them time to settle in to their new environment before introducing them to a group play environment. 

Emergencies: If any injury or medical problem develops while your dog is in the care of Smooch my Pooch, Smooch my Pooch is authorized to do whatever is deemed necessary for the safety, health and well-being of your dog and you agree to be responsible for any expense incurred.  If our staff is concerned that your dog has become seriously injured or ill, we will contact you or your emergency contact, if possible.  However, you acknowledge that a decision may need to be made quickly, and you authorize Smooch my Pooch to take your dog for emergency treatment if and when Smooch my Pooch, in its sole discretion, deems necessary.  Veterinary care can be expensive and surgeries to correct emergency medical conditions are not always successful.  If you would prefer that Smooch my Pooch not seek emergency care for your dog, or if you would like a dollar limit Smooch my Pooch will seek all available treatment possible in consultation with the veterinarian and you will be responsible for the payment or reimbursement of any expenses.

Payments:  Payment is due in full at the time services are provided. Our prices are listed and explained on our website as well as in brochures that are placed in the lobby of our location.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you understand our charges prior to boarding your dog. Smooch my Pooch does not allow clients to defer payment beyond the time you pick up your dog.  If someone else will be picking up your dog, you may leave a card on file, pay via phone or pay in advance.  If special arrangements must be made for your dog, for whatever reason, additional charges may be incurred.

There is a $15 handling fee for all returned checks.  Account balances not collected for whatever reason may be sent to a third party for collection.  For purposes of collecting outstanding balances, you give your consent to receive phone calls (automated or otherwise) made to any phone numbers provided.   Your further acknowledge that you are liable for any court costs, reasonable attorney’s fees or other fees associated with the collection of payment.


Packages and Discounts:  You will receive a discount for purchasing both multiple daycare days and extended overnight stays.  Our daycare packages do not expire.  These packages are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Packages must be paid in full at the time of purchase and they may not be used to cover any past-due balances. 

Webcams:  When your dog is at Smooch my Pooch you can access our webcams that allow you to view your dog while in group play or a private suite. Viewing on our webcams is provided at no additional charge, so no refunds will be provided should our webcams not be operational.

Reservations: We require reservations for all boarding stays. Although not required we recommend that you make a reservation in order to ensure that we have availability if your dog is coming for daycare only.  

If you need to cancel a reservation, it is as simple as cancelling on-line or just giving us a phone call.  

Photos/Video/Webcams:  Photos, videos and webcam footage of the dogs, staff or clients at Smooch my Pooch may be used on the Smooch my Pooch website, social media, lobby displays or in other marketing material.  You consent to our use of your or your dog’s image, likeness and name in such marketing materials. All photos, video and webcam images are the property of Smooch my Pooch and may not be used by you without prior written consent. 

Dog Assessments:  All dogs that attend Smooch my Pooch receive an initial assessment.   We do not keep dogs in indoor/outdoor runs.  Therefore, all dogs that attend Smooch my Pooch need to be friendly with people and willing to allow our staff to handle them and safely move them throughout the facility. 

 We recommend that you call ahead and make an appointment for the initial assessment and a tour.  The assessment and tour typically take about 10 to 20 minutes. 

If you would like for your dog to participate in group play, our staff will perform an individual assessment in the group play environment on your dog to determine if your dog is comfortable in the group play environment.

There may be many reasons that group play is not a good fit for a dog.  If we find that environment is not a good fit, you may consider our Private Playtime option.   If at any time your dog develops any medical conditions, personality concerns, or other conditions or behaviors that may affect his or her ability to participate in group play, it is your responsibility to notify the staff that your dog should not participate in group play if you or your veterinarian feels that your dog should not participate.  Remember, the Individual Care option may be a good alternative.   Our staff will continually assess your dog and determine which area we feel will be the best fit for your dog.  This may change over time or daily and may depend on many different factors.  It is up to our staff’s discretion to determine whether or not a particular option is a good fit for your dog.


Rest Periods:  All dogs that are in group play for a full day need rest periods from time to time. Playing for 8 – 11 hours straight can cause a dog to be overtired and may result in safety risks. Some dogs may be removed from the group for up to an hour or so in the morning and up to an hour or so in the afternoon and there may be times that the dogs will just rest in a crate or rest in the room.  This can depend on the energy of the dog as well as the energy in the room. Our staff determines the best times and best methods for these rest periods.  Dogs that are in group play for a half day do not always have rest periods, but may have a rest period if our staff believes it is in the best interest of the safety of your dog or the other dogs.


Fleas: All dogs attending Smooch my Pooch are required to be free of fleas and ticks and be on a monthly flea treatment.  If a dog is found to have fleas and/or ticks, we will automatically treat your dog at the owner's cost.  We will likey give your dog a flea bath and/or a Capstar tablet.  Capstar is a common flea treatment recommended and sold over the counter by veterinarians and pet stores.  If you prefer that your dog not receive a Capstar caplet in the event we discover fleas and are not able to contact you, please just let us know in writing and your dog can remain in our isolation area until you are able to pick him or her up. 

It is important for you to leave an emergency contact number other than someone that usually travels with you so that in the event you are unable to contact us, we have someone to contact about your dog’s stay.  If you abandon your dog, you will still be responsible for the full boarding stay and any expenses incurred, including but not limited to any applicable attorney’s fees or court costs.